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 Citizens Advice Rutland

Advice for those living with Long Term Health Conditions

 Citizens Advice Rutland offers free, confidential and impartial advice to local people affected by cancer, dementia and other long term health conditions. With effect from October 2014, funding for the service has come from 'For Rutland', an organisation set up to fundraise for the support of those suffering long term illnesses within Rutland and its surrounding communities.  

What we do

If you are diagnosed with cancer, dementia or any other long term medical condition, the main priority is getting well, or managing your condition. Yet bills still have to be paid, just at a time when income may fall.

Regardless of age, such a diagnosis can have a huge impact on you and your family.

We cannot change the diagnosis, but we may be able to offer practical help on a range of issues from housing and employment to means' tested and disability benefits, and paying for care.

Just checking what people are entitled to can make a major difference to their wellbeing.

Telephone 01572 723494 or call in to Citizens Advice Rutland.

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